How to Maintain Your One of a Kind Clutch

Handbags are a common and needed accessory for women. It is an accessory that possesses some dualities. They are very useful but are also fashion pieces and they are used often by women but women still prefer to have high quality and unique bags like a One of a Kind Clutch reserved for special occasions and outings. Whether you have one of kind clutch or bag or you have a $10 tote like me that you carry everywhere and every day, maintaining it is important. Taking good care of your bag is the key to having it last longer and serve you better. Below are the best ways you can maintain your handbags.

Store them Properly

It might be exhausting after you get home from a long day to start worrying about storing your handbag properly. If you’re like me, you probably just throw it in a corner and hope one day you can afford a personal assistant who will help you bother about stuff like that. But you shouldn’t throw them in a  corner if you want them to maintain their beauty and shape. If you are not using the bag the next day, empty it out and put it back neatly in storage preferable in the dust bag it came in or you purchased differently. If it’s a structured bag, you might even want to put some stuffing in it, so that the shape is maintained. If this sounds extreme be rest assured it’s the only way you can keep your bags in tip-top shape. If you have really expensive bags like one of a kind clutches or a Hermes bag you wouldn’t want to ruin it by sparing two minutes of your time to store it properly.

Clean them Regularly

Cleaning can be exhausting and you might want to avoid it as much as possible but don’t. It’s the worst job and might sound unnecessary but it’s not. Handbags tend to collect a lot of lint and dirt during the day. You must empty it and then turn it upside down (and inside out, if the style allows) to get rid of it. I find lint rollers to be quite useful as well – for the stubborn bits. Just roll it around on the inside of your bag to make it as clean as possible without dry cleaning. You can do this every other day or once a week depending on how often you use the bag.

Provide Extra protection

This is especially important if you have a leather handbag. You should avoid carrying your leather handbags into the rain. Use a leather protection spray for your bags or beeswax to provide an extra layer of protection from extremities. You should also oil your leather bags as they have the tendency to dry out. Oiling it will give it back its moisture and prevent flaking. You get a variety of products in the market that are good for your leather bags. Opt for one that doesn’t leave residue and also controls mildew. Just apply it all over, leave for 10-15 minutes and then wipe it clean. Read more on leather conditioning here.

Be more careful

Eventually, it does come down to being more conscious of your bag. Don’t put it on your shoulder when you have to squeeze into the metro. Don’t put it on dirty floors and floors in public places. If you know it’s dirty. If you’re more careful from the very beginning you can avoid a lot of the damage in the long run.

Now that we’ve discussed the ways to maintain your bag, below we are going to summarize easy steps you can take every day or every week to maintain your bag. Once you keep doing it or a while, you’ll get used to it and it’ll become second nature.

Summarized Bag Care Tips!

  1. Wipe your bag once a week with warm, soapy water… mix a small amount of mild liquid soap to warm water and use a soft damp cloth to wipe away any dirt from the outside of your handbag.
  2. Clean leather bags with oils to avoid ruining the leather
  3. Never use baby wipes, vinegar or any other ‘home remedy’ for cleaning or stain removal. Many of these products have chemicals and substances in them that can cause damage to the color, dry the leather out, create a build-up of grease in the leather and any number of other problems.
  4. Treat ink stain with urgency and clean them right away. If you can, use a special ink removing product for leather and follow the care instructions, making sure to condition the area afterward and leave to dry properly.
  5. If the ink stains are old don’t try to remove these yourself. They will likely be too stubborn and will need professional care.
  6. Keep your bag stuffed while you’re not using it as this will help keep its shape better.
  7. Never use water on grease stains.
  8. Use a professional leather cleaning agent on tougher dirt as they usually don’t need to be rinsed out which can damage your bag further. They might cost more, but the result will be so much more effective.
  9. When cleaning always use a product designed for use on the material. A general leather cleaner will not be as effective on a suede interior than a cleaner specifically designed for suede.
  10. Always spot-test a cleaning method. And do the spot test somewhere on the inside of the bag that can’t be seen by prying eyes in case it goes wrong.
  11. Avoid holding your handbag if you’ve just applied hand cream or lotion or makeup as this will leave grease stains.
  12. If your tote came with a dust bag use it as they are intended to keep your bags dust-free when they’re not being used.
  13. If you need to wash your bag, spot wash with warm water and mild soap only and air dry. However, read recommendations on the company website of the bag company or do research online and on youtube on how to remove different kinds of stains.