What To Do About a Newborn Baby’s Hair

Luckily for parents, there are Newborn Baby Hair Accessories that are made specially to fit the delicate nature of newborns and their hair and head. Besides buying the right accessories, there are other steps parents can take to maintain a newborn baby’s hair. These steps ensure that the hair is kept clean and healthy.

Styling a Baby’s Hair with Newborn Baby Hair Accessories

For newborns, there are a few styling options for their hair. The best and easiest option is to get Newborn Baby Hair Accessories like baby bows or headbands made out of cloth. It’s best to avoid holding the baby’s hair back in pigtails or ponytails when they are still little because the hair needs space to breath and grown and holding it tightly in place would hinder that. Avoid tight braids or tight hair accessories. Avoid adding excessive treatments and manipulation until the baby is a lot older like 3 or 4 and then you can do some braid styles and lose ponytails

Washing Newborn Baby Hair

For a newborn baby, it is not absolutely necessary to wash their hair everyday. Even though bathing them everyday means you’ll wash their hair as well, but skipping a few hair wash days does not do any harm. However, if the newborn sweats a lot on the head then you should wash the hair everyday. Washing the hair doesn’t have to be intense, just using a wet washcloth to clean the baby’s head will suffice most times.

If you’re washing the hair while giving the baby a bath then you can run some water of their head but place them in a way that the water does not run down to the baby’s face. Add a few drops of baby shampoo and massage it gently on the baby’s head. To dry simple tap the head with a soft towel and brush with a soft brush made specially for newborns. Newborns have really soft heads so you have to be very gentle with them and take everything one step at a time. Be sensitive on how you touch their head and how you comb their hair

Speaking of sensitivity, it is important that just like hair accessories where you should always get Newborn Baby Hair Accessories, you should also get hair products made specially for babies. Baby shampoo and conditioners are gentle and are made to be gentle on the sensitive skin of a newborn. Do not use adult shampoo on a baby as they have too many chemicals and perhaps even a  PH level that’ll be too harsh on a baby’s hair and skin.

Taking Care of the Cradle Cap

The cradle cap is a part of a newborn baby’s head that is really soft and delicate. It is usually white in color and soft to the touch. They occur because of some hormones and glands in the womb. A cradle cap eventually goes away after some time and so should not be a cause of worry to parents. It’s best to leave cradle caps to heal on their own but parents can also apply gentle oils like baby oil or almond oil to the area to make it heal faster. Some cradle caps also appear flaky or dry. Parents can use a soft baby brush to gently brush off the flakes after applying the oils. They could also use a soft washcloth. As already mentioned, cradle caps heal on their own but if they don’t or start to spread, then it’s best to speak to your baby’s pediatrician.

Taking Care of Baby Curls

How cute are curls right?! When a baby has curls, it is important to know to handle them and detangle them when washing and baby’s hair. There are shampoos that help the curls come loose during washing and this helps the parents be able to wash and detangle the curls properly. Detangling the curls during washing does not mean the curls will be gone forever, it just means the hair will be properly cleaned. After drying, the curls bounce back and they look fuller and shiny. As previously mentioned that are baby shampoos that are made specially for a baby’s sensitive skin. They contain light oils that provide a soothing feeling to the baby. Some of these oils are essential oils, lavender oil, jojoba oil, and other natural oils.

Cutting a Baby’s Hair

After a while, it will be time to give your baby their first haircut. Many parents like to wait for a long time even years before they cut their baby’  hair. This is fine as cutting the hair sooner or later does not make much difference. It won’t make the hair any more healthy or less healthy. When you decide to give your baby a haircut, there are several options. You can do it yourself or you can go to specialized kids salons that have experience giving first haircuts. They have strategies in place to make your kid less nervous and have them stay in place. They also have entertainment for the kids to keep them distracted as they get their hair cut.